““Read Connect by the absurdly brilliant Julian Gough—a mind-expanding techno-thriller with a hotly beating human heart.”
—Emma Donoghue, New York Times bestselling author of Room

Connect really is a work of genius. It confronts and explores the nature of humanness and existence in a thrilling, immersive, addictive way, and marks Julian Gough out as a prophet among writers.’
—Donal Ryan, author of The Spinning Heart


“Instantly convincing . . . Powerful, playful . . . What feels so fresh is that this predictive novel avoids even a hint of the usual doomsday clichés. Instead, the transformative possibilities of technology are embraced to the point where ‘love is an interface between you and the universe’ comes to sound joyfully life-affirming rather than alarmingly clinical . . . Connect will subtly change the way you see the world.”
—Claire Lowdon, Sunday Times (London)


Propulsively paced.

"Propulsively paced and ingeniously twisting. Gough has written a hyperactive, adrenaline-junkie dystopian thriller that deserves to be made into a belter of a film franchise. As Colt would say: Wow, wow, wow."
—Laura Freeman, The Times (London)


"Connect imagines a world of systems within systems in which the alteration of a few human cells could have far-reaching and astounding effects on the universe. Recommended for those who enjoy near-future speculation coupled with an engaging and effective exploration of a fractured family."


Tour de force.

“A wonderful novel, a tour de force.”
—Joseph O’Connor, author of The Thrill of It All and Star of the Sea

“Pace and wit.”

“Mayhem unfolds in the deadly but jaunty style of a Hollywood action thriller . . . A gonzo hybrid between The Matrix and Fifty Shades of Grey, written in its best moments with the pace and wit of Dave Eggers’s The Circle.”
Anthony Cummins, The Observer


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